converting street truck to farm truck

From: Mike Burgess (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2012 - 20:41:31 EDT

first bids to the DML. My 98 CC is just not suited to farm life, the bed is too short for fence panels & sheets of 4'x8' stuff.
  And my LSD is shot, so it's only an open diff.

My choices, sell it, and buy a beater, or invest in a bed extender and some sort of drop-in rear locker.

I like the power of the V8, it's highway road-ability, quiet at cruise speed of 80+, and towing, but 6.5' bed is not enough. More ! More !
Any suggestions or warnings about the bed extenders ? The Tail-Mate Load Extender looks pretty spiffy.

And the cost to repair the LSD, is having me look at the lockers instead. Mostly unlocked, until I have to haul a couple logs down the hill, for processing into firewood, or getting stuck in the infamous Mendo Mud (greasy snot on wet glass, lots of clay fines in it)

Anyway, with the changes in my life since layoff & retirement, and moving to the ranch, a strictly street truck with short bed, is not enough.

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