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From: Michael Maskalans (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2013 - 10:17:42 EST

Glad to see that everyone is doing so well! My Dakota is laid up and will be stripped whenever I get around to it. Not much still useful on it. The frame is giving up the ghost. I picked up a 115k í95 V10 Ram 2500 and threw the 42s on it with a bit of trimming. $800 cash, a caliper, and all new hard front brake lines are all Iím into it for. It really needs the diffs welded up or to have the axles from the Dakota run through and slapped in along with some heftier front control arms. Itís super-rusty - to the point that the cab mounts are really about to fail and I had to do some pretty ghetto patching to keep a driver seat in it and the door hole door-shaped but at least it doesnít have a roasted trans and unhappy-ish motor like the Dakota. Super-sweet paint job too!

The í97 Ram with the 13 speed lost the motor and got parted out. Still have doors and hood, and some interior parts but not much else. The RoadRanger 13sp got shipped out to Washington state to go in another 2nd gen Ram. Iíve got a í07.5 6.7L Ram now. Cab & Chassis truck, 6sp, 4x2. Broke an axle shaft and cracked the carrier the day I got back to Rochester with it so it got some 4130 axle shafts and an ARB. The G56 makes some noise but itís got almost 370k miles on it. Might be another RoadRanger swap candidate some day but itíll need to be a quieter model. I love how smooth and quiet this truck is and I couldnít bear to put an 80ís level of big truck noise in it!

Michael Maskalans
Rochester NY

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