Re:fuel warning alert

From: Bill Countie (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 22:25:48 EST

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Jon N. Steiger wrote:

> Hmmm... I just brought up this question myself, but the consensus was
> that there *is* a gas guage on this truck. Is it possible that Dodge
> deleted it in '96??? It has a wiper fluid level light, why not a gas
> guage?
        I don't mean to be a pain, but does it say anything in the owners
manual? I looked it up for my year ('94)and it wasn't an option.
It was just there. Anyone own a '95?
> -Jon-

1994 Dakota 5.2l 5 speed (R/T in progress)
Bill Countie

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