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From: Mark M Herrick (
Date: Sat Feb 24 1996 - 23:11:38 EST

>>& The V8 is none too large for this task. Pulling into a strong headwind or
>>& uphill I have to drop out of overdrive. On the level or with no wind or a
>>& tailwind, overdrive is fine at 70 mph. But my trailer is about 2,000 lbs.
>>& max. However, I believe that WIND is more important to loading the engine
>>& than trailer WEIGHT. I plan to tow two bikes to Tucson in December, which
>>Overdrive was never intended for heavy towing, it is for economy when
>>cruising "empty". I don't consider having to drop out of overdrive
>>to mean the V8 is marginal.

I have seen a warning sticker on a vehicle stating that Overdrive should be locked out when Towing, I think it was on a Jeep Cherokee, but I may be mistaken. I guess this does make sense, keeps the trans from shifting in and out of O/D all the time.

Mark Herrick,
  Kodiak, Alaska
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