[Fwd: Re: Suspension lift kits]

From: Chris M. Smith (chris@maroon.us.dell.com)
Date: Sun Feb 25 1996 - 00:06:07 EST

lskok@banyan.inacom.com wrote:
> The reason I want to raise the suspension on my 2WD is because I use it to
> pull a boat. The lake I always go to has a poor ramp. In order to launch the
> boat, I have to drive in up to the bottom of the doors and even then it would
> make things eaiser if I could backup a little more.

Perhaps an easier solution may be some re-engineering of your boat
trailer. You might be able to extend the tongue, adjust the boards and
rollers, etc. to get a better float-off. It all depends on the type of
boat and trailer you have. Most setups I've seen will work with the
trailer tires just under the water surface.


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