Computer Codes & Fuel Pump

From: Tim Alger (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 18:45:34 EST

Just a tip if anyone doesn't want to wait 15+ min. to reset the computer.
Remove one of the battery cables and short it directly to the other battery
terminal(still connected) for a minimum of 20 sec. Reconnect and you're done.

I'll admit I was skeptical myself before I tried this but I was sick of
waiting so long while trying to track down the cause of a recurring (LOW
ENGINE TEMP) trouble code. I know a local auto shop teacher and he
suggested this method that he apparantly used daily on CC vehicles. It
doesn't damage any other systems(ex. radio, amps) I've done this many times
on my family's CC vehicles with no problems.

I wouldn't worry too much about code 12. I believe that it's supposed to
cancel after 100 engine starts, but I've had the code ever since I've owned
my 89 (bought it at 80K). I think the line voltage sensor is tad too
sensitive. My family and I have a habit of turning on the headlights at
night before cranking the starter. This excessive voltage drop is most
likely just enough to trip the #12 code(same situation as a jump start). My
dad's 95 Spirit has the same code.
I also wouldn't worry too much about damage to the fuel pump. I know that on
my 89, the pump will only run for a max of 1 sec if the computer doesn't
detect a rise in fuel pressure. I know this because I attempted to pump out
some bad fuel using the on board fuel pump. I disconnected the line at the
filter, but fuel would appear for only 1 sec each time the key was turned to
either ON or START. Needless to say, I ran the bad fuel through the engine
anyway. I'm not sure if Fords & GMs have this feature.

Tim Alger
89 Dakota SE 4X4 - 5 speed, 134K-no major problems, 17 MPG
86 VW Golf Diesel, 155K, 45 MPG!

PS I'm not a certified mechanic and I don't claim to be. Just relaying what
I've heard, read, & experienced - like the rest you.


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