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From: Phil McClay (
Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 18:48:59 EST

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The major option (including gear ratio) codes are included on the under-hood
ID sticker, at least in my '94 and a friend's '96 Dakota. Also included is
the paint code, auto/manual trans, engine option, etc.

In addition to that, there is are supposed to be tags on each diff housing,
held on by a cover bolt. Me or someone else can post the codes -- I'd do it
now, but I don't keep my factory manual here at work.

Date: 2/29/96 16:27

Hi, I've got the 1992 Dakota 4x4 extend cab with the 5.2 ltr
Had the truck almost a year now (bought used) and love it.
No problems (except for birds too)!
I plan on getting the mp computer next month, the last couple
months the group has been bringing up drive ratio's ie 3.55:1 etc...
just today someone wrote that torque gets you down the road not horsepower.
My question is how can I find out my gear ratio?
Do I have to take it in to the dealer or is it stated anywhere on the truck?
Thanks in advance
Paul G. Vopal


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