Re: New Dakota Production

From: Glenn S. Wiltse (
Date: Mon Aug 05 1996 - 20:46:59 EDT

   I saw a black one on the road the other day. It kind of made me sad
and jealous since I've only had my 96 for one month now...

  Boy that's a sharp new Dakota. Oh, well I probably couldn't afford one
as well equiped as my 96 is...

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, JT McBride wrote:

> The Car and Driver Daily Auto Insider for Friday said the first
> 1007 Dakotas for the '97 model year rolled off the Warren line...
> Full production will be 1016 Dakotas a day from two 8-hour shifts.
> The Warren, MI plant is named the "Dodge City" plant. Good.
> Jim
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