Dakota Year Differences/V-8 Horsepower

From: Gregory M Smith (gmsmith@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 13:03:59 EDT

I can't speak of the claimed horsepower for the V-6, but here is what I
know about the V-8. Regarding the Magnum 318 (5.2L) for the '92 and '93
model years, the claimed peak horsepower was 230. The change in
horsepower output transpired in the '94 model year, where Chrysler not only
revised the throttle linkage to smooth out throttle response at low RPMs,
but also swapped out the camshaft in order to increase torque output. The
trade off for the increase in torque was a 10 horsepower decrease.

The numbers for the stock 318 cid V-8 in my 1993 Dakota are as follows:

        * Horsepower - 230 hp @ 4800 RPM
        * Torque - 280 ft-lbs @ 3200 RPM


- Greg Smith '93 Dodge Dakota 4x2 Club Cab V-8


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