From: Stephen Pchajek (swpc@gwl.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 13 1996 - 10:23:45 EDT

I have a club cab 1993 Dakota Sport 4x4 (V8, AT, 3.90) and I'm not positive,
as it was several years ago, but I believe that I had it past 200 km/h which
would be over 125 mph.

Last week I drove from Winnipeg to Yellowstone which took me down several
hundred miles of I-94 through Montana. The speed limit there is "reasonable
and prudent", whatever that means. I was quite disappointed to find that the
cruise wouldn't set any higher that 140 km/h (87 mph). I never exceeded 100
mph as I heard that that was always imprudent but did slip past a cop who
was doing 85 mph without incedent. Mileage at 87 mph was 12 mpg (US).

Two weeks ago I was at the dealership inquiring about trading in my 1993
Dakota for a 1997 model and I also talked to a mechanic about "flashing the
SBEC"... anyhow the mechanic told me that in 1998 Dodge will be dropping
both the 318 and 360 and using a 340 for both applications. Time will tell
and I may just wait a year to find out before trading in.


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