Re: 3.55 axel ratio

From: Robert Allen (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 07:22:15 EDT

Steve Gepford wrote:
> I checked and counted at least three times and according to the method I used it
> would appear that my gear ratio is somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1.65
> to 1., the drive shaft would just barely turn past 1 & 1/2 revolutions per one
> complete rotation of the wheel, drivers side anyhow, I didn't try turning the
> passengers side as I didn't think that it would make any difference. Does this
> ratio sound reasonable? Am I doing something wrong?
> Satellite Steve

I think you are doing something wrong and/or backwards. If you have, for example,
a 3.5 axle ratio, then one rotation of your rear axle would turn the driveshaft 3
and 1/2 times. But the differential can mess things up with empirical

The way I lernt it, to take the differntial out of the calculation, is that you
must hold one rear wheel stationary. Count the number of times the driveshaft
turns with one rotation of one wheel. THEN DIVIDE BY TWO.

I have a 3.5 axle ratio. Thus jacking one wheel off the ground, the driveshaft
should make 7 revolutions for one turn of the drive wheel. Now I have forgotten if
you can even do this (turn one wheel) with a limited-slip diff.

And, finally, on the newer trucks, just open the hood and look at the sticker near
the latch. It you have an upgraded axle it will tell you what it is right there.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '96 V8 auto 2WD SWB Sport

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