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>I am the proud owner of a red 89 Shelby Dakota and want to correspond to
other >Shelby Dakota owners. I am looking for a Shelby windshield sticker to
replace >the one I lost due to a new windshield.
>Any ideas?
>Also I would like ro know the approximate value of this truck so I can give
my >insurance man some idea of its' market value.

Mark ,

You might want to consider joining the Shelby Dodge Club. They have a Web
page at; < >
or can be emailed at; < >

According to Edmunds the avg wholsale value is $5525 and avg retail is $7300.
 If you do not have AC -$340 from these values and if it is a 5spd -$500.
Mileage between 77k -> 84k is considered average. If you have more -$540 to
91k, -$1140 to 98k and anything higher -$1820. Again if you have less add to
the values +$1010 at 35k miles.

Dave Clement
89 4x4 LE
89 Shelby Daytona

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