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Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 16:46:49 EDT

I have a manual for 1994's If you wish me to fax it let me know.
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>Subject: RE: On Board Diagnostics
>From: Clement_D on Thu, Aug 22, 1996 1:45 PM
>Subject: RE: On Board Diagnostics
>I have a Chiltons Manual that covers 89-91 Dodge Trucks. It has the trouble
>codes by year for both the single point (4cyl) and dual point (v6 & v8) EFI
>as well as the ABS trouble codes for the same years.
>I can FAX them to you, Scan the pages & convert to an ASCII file (snail or e
>mail) or photocopy.
>The other interesting thing that I thought made this Chiltons superior to
>previous ones I had seen was they had reduced the wiring diagrams from the
>FSM and included them 4-up to a page if anyone needs them.
>And the best part was I picked the book up still sealed in plastic for a $1.
>00 at the local "All for A Dollar" store.
>DAve Clement
>89 4x4 LE
>From: on Thu, Aug 22, 1996 1:21 PM
>Subject: On Board Diagnostics
>Homework assignment:
>I own a '96 Dakota which has the ODB-II
>diagnostics. I also gave Chrysler the $90 for the
>service manual and it details all the new trouble
>codes in five or six pages.
>If other folks owning other years also have the
>manuals and if you would FAX me the pages on
>trouble codes, I would like to incorporate them
>into a table and share on this group.
>Please, if you will participate, post here what
>year you have FAXed so I don't get inundated with
>I certainly will accept it in electronic form if
>anyone has it that way.
>Bob Allen, Kansas City
>FAX: (816) 843-9493

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