Re: idling uphill

Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 17:34:48 EDT

In a message dated 96-08-21 14:04:57 EDT, (Sam) writes:

<< When I got my '95 Dakota, I
 was curious to see if it too would idle up that same hill. It did
 with the AC on. >>

When my '95 V8 Club cab was about a year old, I went to a local establishment
with an acquaintence who was so impressed with my truck that he went out and
bought one, too. As we were sitting in the parking lot, talking, I decided
to start my truck since it was cold out. Since I was sitting with the door
open and both feet out the door, I pushed in the clutch with my right foot
and cranked it. Oh yeah, I also didn't notice that I left the trans in gear!
 When I let off the clutch, the truck jerked forward, and in a panic I
slammed the PARKING brake almost through the floor. I was also pointed up a
hill. No problem for the V8! She just kept a-chuggin' up the hill with no
real sign of straining (except for my leg as I desperately kept pushing the
stupid parking brake pedal). I eventually got it out of gear (and was
treated to the most embarrassing volley of laughter I'd seen in a while) but
I was still very impressed at how strong the motor pulled at idle, up a hill,
with the brake on.

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