Re: Replacement Seats

From: Howard Wilson (
Date: Wed Aug 28 1996 - 19:40:15 EDT

i have flo-fit replacement seats in my 93 extended cab. they are far more
comfortable than the factory split bench. in three years, the fabric is only
showing minimal wear in the expected place--mostly the raised edge you have to
slide over to get into the seat.

the only thing i had a minor problem with was that where they mounted, there
was plenty of forward adjustment, but not much rearward adjustment. it worked
out ok for me, since i'm short, but a tall person would have trouble getting
the seats back far enough. maybe the mounts were really made for the standard
cab where there couldn't be much rearward adjustment.

oh, and one other thing--the adjusters lock only on one side, not two like the
factory seat. this means the seats have a slight amount of twistability to
them on the mounting sliders.

Cheryl writes:
>Where can I order replacement seats for a 96 Dakota?

Howard P. Wilson

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