Re: CC & Merc... again....

Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 05:20:47 EDT

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<< wasn't there a Chrysler/Chevy type joint
 venture called AMC in the early 70's >>
Mike American Motors Corp. was an independent Auto company that just couldnt
hang! Chrysler bought them out in 87 because they were going under. They
were a conglomerate of different companies like Nash, Kelvinator and Jeep+a
few others. They used quite a lot of Gm, Ferd and Chrysler parts though so
they could save money. I work with a lot of the old AMC guys and we tell them
that AMC stands for All Models Car since they used everyone elses parts!!
Hey, they're Mopar now! Id like to get a Javelin with a 360, but Im to busy
trying to get My Dak in proper shape!

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