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Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 21:38:58 EDT

I went by there website it does sound to good to be true.
In one of their infomercials they run a Viper in the Mojave desert with no
oil and no oil filter. Well they said it went over 90mph and did it for
some time and that the engine is still running with no trouble. They also
threw 10 pounds of sand and gravel in an engine running at 5000rpms and they
also claim that it is still running fine. Well I am not too sure about that.
My 318 has over 114000 miles on it with no engine trouble and it has only
run Castrol GTX 10w/40.
Tony Sarro
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>You especially want to add nothing untill the engine breaks in maybe 10,000
>If it sounds to good to be true "IT IS".
> Waltr P in Seattle

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