Re: reason for cold fan roar

From: Scott May (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 12:21:07 EDT

Mine always roars on cold startup until I reach about 2,000 RPM for a
seconds. Then the clutch starts working. I never hear it again until
next cold start up. I've never paid that much attention on a warm
but I think it does the same thing.

It functions exactly the same as the one on my '93 V6 did. Just my
but it makes sense to me that if I started the truck cold and let idle
for an
extened period, that the clutch would not reach temperature as quickly
as it
should. This might result in an overheated condition. I personally
would be
concerned that it is not operating correctly, if it didn't operate this

I also have the factory tow package which includes the HD service group
(including max. cooling) and may operate differently than those without
this package. Maybe the clutch is activated by a certain amount
of centripetal force?

Just my observation and opinion.

Scott May
'98 Sport+ CC 4X4 5.2L 5sp 4WABS 3.55SG Towing

> Anyone care to place a wager on the wheel of misfortune(fan)? You will surely lose.
> I can show you freezing cold days when it doesn't howl and warm ones when it does
> (and vice-versa). Same with humidity variables. Totally unpredictable.
> -Bob T. '98 Sport+ CC 4X4 V8 5sp 4WABS 3.55 Towing

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