Open Air idea!

From: Mike P Sykes (
Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 01:47:00 EDT

I've been thinkin' about this for a while, and I think I can make it
work. I just need time to make it. What I wanna' do is, get an open
element/ram air system to work. These are my ideas....
- use a standard open element air cleaner, but keep the fresh air
ducting, and make one for the other side of the engine bay (like a
ram-air set up someone on the list has on their Shelby... sorry dude,
can't remember your name.... =)......) It's sorta' a stealth set up, but
you can get all the benifits of both.... woohoo... assuming I thought of
it right =)

-use a ram air setup like Jon and all ya'll has, but adapt it slightly to
accept an open element filter. cut the stock airbox inlet ducts and make
them fit over the open element, then adapt the ram air. The air will
still be forced in throught the ducts you fabricated, but most of the
element would still be open.... it's hard to explain without pictures of
some sort... I'll keep the list posted if I do anything on it.... =)

confused yet?

-mike sykes

88, V6, LE, 3.55, SlushBox >or<

" They might call us crazy, but they'll do it from
behind, while staring at a tailgate." -Jon Steiger

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