Hennessey MS

From: Scott Miller (shelbydakota@usa.net)
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 05:48:59 EDT

Hey all you R/T owners.

Got an extra 5 grand laying around? If I did I would be calling Hennesey MotorSports (that guy who does the vipers) and tell him you want the stage 1 package. I was surfing their site and they have all kinds of expensive packages for the R/T and the Durango. Some packages go as high as 65,000 I think and can produce an awesome amount of HP. I would think that if they have programs for the Durango that they should be able to work on the Dakota also. They also have programs for the prowler, viper, and Dodge Ram V10's.



Scott Miller
Shelby Dakota #322

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