Re: V8 Oil capacity

From: Terry Hebert (
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 18:18:29 EDT

Jeff Lee wrote:

> Well... it seems that the responses from the DML are mixed.
> Some folks put 5qts in and leave the level sitting half way between
> "full" and "add".
> Other folks put in the 5qts and then add enough (.3 to .5 qts) to
> bring
> the level up to or near the "full" mark.
> Does anyone see any real downside to filling to the full mark (other
> than the extra hassle of adding 1/2qt)? I can't believe that filling
> the
> crankcase to the "full" mark would add enough excess oil to cause
> foaming and seal leakage problems. That would make it an "overfull"
> mark, right? ;)
> Having an extra 1/2 qt oil capacity seems like a good thing to me -
> extra dirt suspension capacity, extra cooling capcity, etc. Ya, I
> know,
> it's only an extra 1/2 qt.

My truck was running a little warmer than usual on the guage after my
last oil change. I checked the oil level and found the level showing
approx. 1/2 between add and full. This concerned me so I put a half qt.
in and the temp guage went back to normal. Anybody else notice this?

98 RC V8 5SPD

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