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Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 02:05:34 EDT

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<< I looked under my 98 and I don't see how 2 mufflers can fit easily and I
 see how a tailpipe run to the left rear can clear the spare tire. There
 seem to be much room between the drive shaft and the frame. I have a reg cab
 V8 auto 2wd with Mopar headers. I sure would like the headers to do all the
 they can. I still have the stock exhaust on right now and I don't think the
 headers do much with the stock system behind them..Jim Miller
 Waco Tx. >>

okay, they go like this..

Pass side is straight foward, run the pipe through the left side inside the
transmission crossmember....... run the pipe straight back from there, and
mount the flowmaster (offset inlet, center outlet) SIDEWAYS with the offset
inlet on the top about 12-15" before the rear axle.

Drivers side, make a quick bend, run it through the LEFT side of the
crossmember, but still inside it, and mount the other muffler right beside the
other .. again, sideways ..

Tailpipes you have two options, you can have them run out the side like a
lightning with no hassle, or you could route the exhaust over the axle and
split out the back.. I chose to run dumps.

It may sound like alot of bends, but it's really not.. my 2.5 pipe is only
reduced to about 2 1/4 once and that's the initial bend from the drivers side
over to the crossmember.. other than that, the exhaust is real smooth and I
see no reason for an expensive mandrel bent exhaust.

On a stock truck, I would run 2 1/4, as 2 1/2 is still alittle too much on the
plus side, and would kill a stock motor..


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