Re: Unique R/T Parts

From: E. Frank Ball (
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 14:07:20 EDT

} << Big Fat 17" 255 55 17 goodyear meats on very cool wheels (gloat gloat). >>
} Would sombody with an RT (2wd if that matters) go out to it and take a tape
} measure to the tire? I need to know if it is around 27" from the ground to
} the top of the tire. Also are they the same 6 bolt that is on the 96 dak?
} I want to get these wheels from CC for my truck, but cant change the tire
} height due to freakin out the abs.
} George

I calculate that 255/55-17 tires would be 28.0" tall. Probably not big enough to
mess up the abs, since the '96 4wd came with 235/75-15 which is bigger yet, but
I bet they won't clear the fenders and/or the frame in front.

The bolt pattern is the same, but what is the backspacing? '96 wheels have 5"
backspacing. '97 and newer were 5.5" and just barely didn't fit.

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