Re: REAREND.......attn: Eric...9.25 varif.

Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 16:20:02 EDT

 IS the 9 1/4" 12 bolt rear end in the R/T's also available in the full size
Ram pickup line? Is this a "Dana" rear end or is it made by CC?
 RC R/T >>

     Don't know if the 9.25'' is shared with the Ram (could be), but I do know
for sure that the 3/4 ton Ram Van uses this rear. The reason I know this is
because at the track last weekend in Frederick MD. a friend was trying to be
''helpful'' in giving me a hand at changing my rear tires from my ''stickies''
to my stockers after being eliminated in the quarter finals for the drive
 Well, anyway he started cross threading one of my lugnuts and to the point of
no return... wheel stud sheered off when I tried to reverse it out. Monday
went to the local dealer and coluld not find a wheel stud in stock from the
network of local dealers. I had to resort to letting them get one in from
Chrysler the next day. He (parts manager) noted that the 3/4 ton Ram Van
shares the same part number.

  I too was under the impression at first that the 9.25 rear was a Dana since
it really resembles one. But was told the 9.25 is actually a Chrysler in house

  Shane B
 R/T reg. cab

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