Re: REAREND.......attn: Eric...9.25 varif.

From: Andre Mauboussin (
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 10:21:24 EDT

The 9 1/4 is a Chrysler rear end and is the same unit the fullsize trucks use.
This rear end is a c-clip design like the 8 1/4 with 7/8ths the strength of a
Dana 60. The 9 1/4 has been around for years and is essentially as strong as a
dana60, but lighter and easier to work on. I plan on upgrading to one in my Dak
once I finish the rest of my engine mods. The shackle and U bolt size is the same
as an 8 1/4, so modifications should be minimal.

Andre Mauboussin
95 Dak 14.7@94.5mph wrote:

> In a message dated 98-06-12 10:36:20 EDT, you write:
> << The glove compartment spec.s
> confirmed a 9.25 (9.2) rearend. Tell me about it , I looked at other Dakotas
> and they were all 10 bolts. Don't you work with CC ? Help shed some light on
> this please. >>
> GS, I have no freaking Idea!! Im jealous though!! Ill try to check around
> out at the Tech Center, although it may take awhile because the Germans are
> coming next week! Things are a little crazy around here!!
> Eric p.s. Im on my way to Milan in 2.5 hours!!

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