Re: Some gripes

From: Amanda (
Date: Sun Jun 14 1998 - 18:56:43 EDT

At 05:44 PM 6/14/98 -6, you wrote:
>How about we talk about trucks on this list? I don't care about the
>confederate flag, or what time people are going to Milan. Use
>personal e-mail, not the list. Everyone should have seen the list
>etiquette message, how about reading it? At least change the header.
>You would think that a header that says rearend would be about a
>differential, or at least a woman ;-). Other than the personal
>chatter I find the list informative and entertaining.
>|{eith R. Phelps
>Cat..... the other white meat.
> I agree completely Keith, but don't you think your cat joke
  is being insensitive to our asian DMLers.Not to start anything.


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