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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 19:19:18 EDT

I have 8" rims on the truck now (I didn't update the web page yet) and still
get a slight rub on the fender when turning into a driveway.

You mention cut out flares, who makes cutouts for Dakota's? I checked out
Bushwacker, Warn and Xenon and was not able to find cutouts. I'm using the
Bushwacker extend-a-fender flares.

88' Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4.

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   On your site you mentioned that your dakota has negative offset 10" wide
wheels. The 10" part is likely the source of some of your clearance
trouble. A 10.50 tire is a good deal wider when mounted to a 10" wheel. I
plan on using 8" wheels when the 31x10.50 BFG AT's go on my Dakota. With a
body lift, cut out flares and 8" std offset wheels I am told I will have
absolutely no rub. With a 10" wheel they would with or without the offset. A
tire tech recomends the 8" over the 10" for the 10.50 tires. 10"-7" is the
range with 10" being the max rim and 7" being the minumum. In general most
of the time you are better off with a tire that is mounted to a wheel with a
width near the middle of its range. I have seen one Dakota with a solid axle
swap in a 4x4 mag don't know which one or when.

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