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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 22:59:35 EDT

At 10:22 PM 6/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
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> writes:
><< okay asshole. If you wanna' start something, let's go. You know what you
> can do? You can go get some cute little Japanese stickers for your
> Accord, get on a Riceboy list, shut your suck muscle, and get off Mommy's
> Computer before Daddy catches you up after your bedtime. If all you
> wanna' do is start shit on the DML, then get off the list. You are
> wasting everybody's time. If you think you are so much smarter than
> everybody else, then make another smart move by takin' a hike. You suck.
> >>
>Except one thing, Daddy ran off with a black woman. And mommie is now doing a
>mexican illegal. This is why poor tony is mad at the world.
>(just havung fun, don't anyone get pissed at me)

W . Jack Hilton III

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