Re: FABM : 14" x 3" install on '98 R/T

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Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 22:38:36 EDT

I just put the 10" no name brand air cleaner on with a 2&1/4" paper filter.
I have the K&N on order.

The Results ?

So far, it is alot more peppy off the line & sounds EXCELLENT !!! I am going
to put a 2 & 1/2" filter in it next. I did NO MODS to the lid bolt & it
'squeezed' in just fine. With the 10"er there is NO problem with that rad
hose. I will keep you all posted as my 98 Sport 5.2 'brains in' on the new

Any good results on a new brain for similar 98's? I pirced one out that was
a 2nd stage street performace & they want $536 Canadian. Is there a cheaper
way to go? ALso, is teh Gibson cat-back worth the bucks ?


 Chris Savard
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
98 Sport, flame red, 5.2, 5-speed with FABM 10"

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Date: Tuesday, June 16, 1998 4:01 PM
Subject: DML: FABM : 14" x 3" install on '98 R/T

>Okey Dokey -
>I ordered the Summit brand 14x3" air cleaner along with the 1/2" spacer
>(part #s SUM-239431 and EDL-8093 respectively) and tried em out a minute
>ago on my '98 CC R/T .
>Did it work ?
>Well , kinda .
>Although I was able to get the 14" assembly on the TB (barely) I had a
>couple of problems .
>1) The bottom cover of the cleaner compresses the upper radiator hose very
>slightly . I don't think that it "kinks" the hose or otherwise impares its
>operation , but it kinda made me wonder .
>2) The bottom cover fit fine , except for the radiator hose , but the
>filter itself and the top cover were coming in direct contact with the
>weatherstripping along the firewall that contacts the hood to seal it .
>There was also a bolt sticking out from the firewall that was contacting
>the filter as well . I WAS able to get the thing on there , but not without
>having to force the lid down because of the close proximity of the firewall
>3) I had already made an S-Bolt according to the design scetch on Sean's
>page , but obviously it was meant for the 10" model cuz it was too short ,
>probably by an inch or so . This is a minor problem needing only a longer
>bolt .
>4) I tried this originally with a 3/4" spacer and found that my hood would
>not close . Way too tall . I then tried the 1/2" spacer and it is still
>VERY close . I also tried it with NO spacer . This may work , but the upper
>radiator hose is compressed even more than before and that makes me worry
>about wearing a hole in the hose too .
>Basically , I CAN get it to work , BUT I am concerned about the contact
>between the assembly and the firewall . I fear that thru normal driving ,
>as well as racing , the torquing of the motor will either wear the
>weatherstripping that it's touching , or wear a hole in the filter , or
>both .
>I may just send all of it back and use the $53.40 total that I spent on
>this (minus the s-bolt stuff) to go ahead and get me an Airaid .
>Thanks for any input !
>W . Jack Hilton III

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