Re: Re: Average Age Of List members and Mopar Performance Catalog

From: Jeff Lee (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 08:56:05 EDT

Ben Vaughan wrote:
> Ok Old-Timers...Stuff yer dentures back in your mouth...Count me as 17...;-)
> ALSO! Is there ANY way that I can get a Mopar Performance catalog without going to my local
> dealer (We aren't on very good terms...hehehe Cuz I didn't buy my Dak from him)
> Thanks,
> Ben Vaughan
> ICQ #: 558772

Hmmm... 17... When I was 17 I had a 66 Chevy Impala with a 327 and a 2
speed powerglide auto trans. Slip and slide power glide... what a pig,
but talk about a bullet proof transmission...

Don't think the person at the parts counter (at your local dealer) will
care whether you bought the Dak from them or not. Your $5 is as good as
anybody else's. Besides, with that catalog in your possession, you
become a potential customer for MP parts. ;)

98 rc v8 5spd 3.55sg flares fipk

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