Re: Damn free enterprise ! Used to be: Dakota R/T vs. GMC

From: James Henry (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 12:05:53 EDT

I guess I got pretty lucky, my "Purple" RC R/T w/ all options except overhead console and 4WABS it listed for $22.5K. After Much bickering and negotiation (I spent the entire day negotiating) I was able to get the dealer down to $20.5K and throw in a Mopar bedliner and bug shield. The bug shield actually looks pretty cool w/ the mono-chromatic paint job.
I also made them give me a free tank of gas. <g>


>>> "W . Jack Hilton III" <> 06/16 7:35 PM >>>

You priced a '98 R/T lately ?

On Motor Trend Television , they say the sticker for the Regular Cab R/T is
just over $19K .

My Club Cab R/T had a sticker of over $24K .

Every one of the R/Ts I've seen have been optioned to the hilt . Mine has
everything including the coffee maker and the vibrating cigar lighter
(don't ask) , but I wish I could have first of all FOUND an R/T regular cab
( I had a two dealers try to find one on the locator and found ONE in the
Southeast in Tennessee....needless to say , the dealer there was quite
unwilling to part with it) and second of all , since I did have to get the
CC , I wish I didn't have to get everything under the sun with it . Since
you can't order them , only 1700 CCs and 300 RCs are being made which means
that there are at least 400 Dodge dealers that won't get one at all , you
kinda have to take what you can get . In addition to this , every dealer in
the Southeast (with the exception of where I got mine , thank you God!) is
either taking sealed bids on the R/Ts or they are demanding AT LEAST $2-3K

Don't get me wrong , I love my R/T and I gave a limb to get it , thereby
insuring that under no cicumstances will I be able to get married for at
least another 5 years (another blessing by buying this truck) , but why is
it that whenever a manufacturer comes out with a new Hi-Po model such as
the R/T or the Prowler , the DEALERS are getting WAY over what they should
for them so that the people they were intended for (the budget-minded
speed-racer) can't even touch em ?!

I know that you are free to get whatever youy can out of something , but
sometimes this stuff kinda rubbs me the wrong way !

Hell , when they first came out with those crappy "New" Bettles in this
area , DEALERS were tacking on an "availability surcharge" of a couple
grand and some idiots actually bought them which means that people that
were hoping to be able to afford the perfect vehicle , are thrust back to
the Neons and Cavaliers .

OK OK , I guess I've gotten on a tangent , but I was just on a roll .

At 06:59 PM 6/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Trust me when I say the stock dak has no chance against the syclone. I
>> with a dude who brings his syclone out on nice days. Just for fun we
lined up
>> and went for it. I was doing good for about 4 seconds, but once he got the
>> turbo spinning full boost, first thing I saw was the rear window of his
>> then the rear tire, then the tailgate, and finally brake lights. This is a
>> really tough truck and should be given the respect it deserves.
>> George
>> Still love my Dak, even though she lost
> Jim Miller says;
>Thats right. I owned a Syclone for 7 years and it was real quick. However
I was
>too rough on it and broke the engine 3 times. (burnt piston, cracked
piston, 3
>bent rods.) I sold it and bought another Dak.
>(had a Shelby Dak before the Sy). It will take some work to make a Dak
beat the
>Sy, but the Dak sells for a lot less and will last a lot longer.
>Jim Miller
>Waco, Tx
>98 rc swb V8
>3.92 sg Mopar headers
>Pit Bull muffler
W . Jack Hilton III


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