Body Lift (attn Walter Felix)

From: Chris lang (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 22:06:08 EDT


I'm most of the way through installing my 3" kit from traimaster and I've
haved a few problems some solved and some I need some help with: (BTW truck
is a 93 V8 4x4)

1. How the hell do you fix the radiator so the fan does not hit it?? I
have two lines on the bottom of my radiator pass side, the lower radiator
hose and I assume the other smaller one is the transmission cooler, it
sprayed reddish shit all over me when I undid it and the line was coming
from the Trans. The problem is not with the hoses themselves its the
outlets on the radiator itself they are too long and the fan hits them with
the hoses off. Is it possible to cut them or bend them so I can send them
down lower? I'm thinking about cutting the parts that stick out in the
radiator and welding a piece in at a 45 degree angle in order to clear the
fan but i'm not sure if it will fit. Another thing I thought of was
grinding down the fan a little bit about 1/4" but I don't know if thats
gonna throw my engine all out of whack or screw up my cooling, I tried to
take the sucker off but I couldnt figure out how to for the life of me,
even with the haynes manual .

2. How do I move the bumpers up? The so called Premium trailmaster kit has
horrible instructions (it just says to raise the bumpers up) and came with
no brackets to do this and I have no idea where to start...

3. What is the best way to adjust the truck so everything sits level?


Chris lang

PS Help quick I'm going nuts I havent driven my truck in two days It looks
awesome now too, it's time for new tires soon....

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