Re: Dakota R/T vs. GMC PSSSSyclone

From: jim miller (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 22:48:40 EDT


A note from a former Syclone owner! a pressurized 6 against a normally aspirated
8? lets see how they compare in about 80K miles. Many Sy/Ty owners consider the
factory engine to only be good for about 60K miles. I didn't get but 39k when I
cracked a piston on mine, Then another 13k and a piston melted, than another 5k
and 3 rods bent.Actually, I wonder how many more ponies you can get out of that
little bowtie?
There is a company in Michigan who builds the Sy/Ty V6 to put out 650 reliable,
streetable horses. Cost, a mere $10,000.00! He says the Sy will run in the high
10s or low 11s with his engine. I think if I spent 10k on my 98 dak 318 I could
probably go that fast too! Right, Daryl?
 Im sure theres about 100 low hanging ponies on the 360 ready to "pick" from
Dodges catalogues.

> Would you want to tow a trailer with a turboV6? The Sy/Ty manual says do not
> tow or put over 500 lbs in the truck or dammage to the drive train may happen
> and void the warranty. These trucks are only TOYS folks!

Jim Miller
Waco, Tx
98 rc swb sport
318 V8, 3.92 sg, Mopar headers, Pit Bull muffler

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