Re: V8 Fan (help me quick i'm going nuts without my truck!!!!!)

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Subject: DML: V8 Fan (help me quick i'm going nuts without my truck!!!!!)

>Does anyone know how to get the fan off of the V8s? I'm having clearance
>problems with mine (due the the 3" body lift) and id like to take it off to
>possibly replace it with electrics or a smaller fan. Also does anyone know
>the size of the factory fan? Would replacing it with a slightly smaller
>work or would it screw up my cooling, or is it possible to grind or cut
>down the fan that is on there about 1/4".
>Thanks help me quick i cant stand not having my dak,
>Chris lang
>93 V8 4x4

The engine driven fan must be the right size to fit the cowl in order to
move air efficiently.
Get two electric fans (12" - 16" from summit jegs etc) and put them behind
the radiator.
A pulling fan pulls more air than a pushing one. Secondly more air will get
pushed through
when moving. Tech tid bit. Fans electrical or other wise are not needed
when the vehical
is moving fast enough to ensure airflow. The air pulled through your stock
fan is moving no
 faster than 25 mph at idle. When moving at hwy speed 4x more air will be
going through
that radiator than when idleing with fans.

87 Dakota 4x4 3.9V6 2.90 gears (soon to have, 360 & 3.90 gears)

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