Re: DML Milan Times

Date: Sat Jun 20 1998 - 14:46:15 EDT

In a message dated 98-06-19 23:10:50 EDT, you write:

<< yeah, I missed second twice! Came too hard out of the hole and locked
 out of gear! Oh well! I did it for you auto guys!! Happy!? >>

Damn that Dak would be a 13er fer shurrr with a Auto :-) (couldn't resist)

<< I did learn quite a bit today though! I cant waite now to get my gear and
computer! Ill try to make it out again next week, although Ill have to leave
after work, so I will get there around 6ish.>>

If you ever quit learning at the track then let me know cause you'll have the
most consistent and fastes Dak out there and I'd want to know the tricks. I
sure hope next weeks weather turns out cool and dry and that we can all get
together. I think it would be a fun time.

<<I got some wheel hop when I jump on it too much out of the hole. Like I
I learned a lot today! The track is much different than the street!! Ive got
to get the right tires for one, second, I cant hammer it at the track off the
line!! Third, run on a cooler day!! I heard on the radio on the way home it
was a muggy 87 degrees! And it felt it! I have to thank David for the tips
and the encouragement! He's a hell of a guy!>>

Like I said before you had good times (even though you weren't happy)
especially with all the above considerations. Your on the right track, just
have to fine tune you and the Dak a little and you be happy fer shurrr.


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