Re: Ram air system

From: Robert Tufts (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 09:52:44 EDT

Great trip, there is no shortage of Dakota R/T pickups in my area.
Louisiana is full of them, and they are not selling, cause they are to
expensive. All colors and RC or CC are out there. Hmmmm, maybe if I am real
tight lipped about there location, I can pick one up for 20K.


Dealers have access to the locations via computer. If there's some sucker who
wants to pay list plus and the dealer is motivated enough I'm sure he will
strike a deal with the dealer holding the R/Ts to make both a nice profit.

-Bob T. '98 Sport+ CC 4X4 V8 5sp 4WABS 3.55 Towing

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