Jacobs ignition-anybody running it? -Reply

From: Stephan Boianoff (sboianoff@mdc.com)
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 09:08:43 EDT

>>> Joseph Dick <joe@selu.edu> 06/22/98 04:27pm >>>

Any DML ers running the Jacobs Magnum ignition system on their 98 or
97s ?
Any feedback is appreciated.


I am running a Jacob's #7 Custom Magnum Team on my '98 CC 5.2L. I
got it from CBS Performance Automotive for $288 delivered. No splicing
of the factory wiring harness was necessary for installation (a major
selling point - can go back to stock very easily for warranty service).
Installation was actually very simple. Idle is very smooth. I got ~1.5mpg
improvement. I'm not sure about a power increase since I don't race. I
was mainly interested in improved fuel economy. The system includes
an ignition control, a secondary trigger, and plug wires. You need to
re-gap your stock plugs (.035" gap) to 0.55". That's about it for now. If
you have any other questions let me know. You can get CBS's info on
the DML homepage in the parts resource section.


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