Re: Exhaust Choices for Russ and HP f/ Shelby

From: Scott Miller (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 06:43:03 EDT

Sorry I didn't get to respond to this earlier, but I haven't been at work and other stuff.

On to what I have to say:


If you are having trouble, and anybody else for that matter, take a look at this article that I put up on my web-page that I got from Sean Meldrum

This is a list of a bunch of different mufflers and how they performed and what the testers thought of them. I thought it was an excellent source and it is there for anyone else to use.

On to my next thing.

While at the track this weekend, I got dad's handy dandy computer out which is supposed to predict your E.T's for bracket racing by entering the humidity, barometer, ect and calculating everything. The little thing has a program to figure horsepower from the weight of your vehicle and from the current horsepower correction factor which is what you figure out by inputing the weather and it computes it for you. Very nifty little thing.

Anyways, a Stock Shelby is supposed to produce 175hp.

The weather was shitty on Sunday, very hot, very very humid. I remember the humidity being very high.

I put my info in for weight and mph and it said I was making 192.xxhp and at sea-level my corrected hp was 202.xx.

Just thought I would share my tid bit of info.

Later all

Scott Miller
Shelby #322

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