Tires and Widths and sizes.....OH MY !

From: W. Jack Hilton III (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 11:38:03 EDT

ok -

When I am finally able to get my R/T CC to the track , do ya think that if
I use a couple of wide 15" sticky tires that I would get a better time than
using the 17" tires because the outer diameter would be smaller and be
kinda like making a gear change .

I currently have the factory 9.25 rear with the 3.9 sure grip out back .

What sizetype of wheel should I use and what brand of tire works the best
for someone in a budget .

If I have a pair of Steel Dakota wheels widened for the rear , what is the
widest I can have them and what is the widest tire I can put on them ?

Also , would using a pair of 15x6 or 7 aluminum wheels from a regular Dak
be better up front to cut down on drag from the humongous 255/55 17 Eagle
RS-As ?

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