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From: W . Jack Hilton III (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 22:05:15 EDT

headers , throttle body , Vortech , 9.25 rear with 4.10 gears , NOS , and a
big fat wallet !

At 08:23 PM 6/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have sifted through the mail from this mailing list for a day now. I
>just got my Dakota on Saturday. Although it only has 430 miles on it, I
>would like to ask some questions about its performance.
>I have an SLT 5.2L. After reading numerous articles about the speed of
>these trucks, I also wonder about souping my Dakota up.
>I do not really know a whole lot about the inner workings of these new
>vehicles. What kind of mods, and the brand names of the parts, can be
>swapped out, replacing the stock parts?
>I have read about replacing the air cleaner, and replacing the stock
>cat-back exhaust with aftermarket, and also replacing the factory
>computer with an aftermaket one.
>What are some of the best mods that I could perform to give me more
>power in say first and third gear? It seems to lug a little in first
>and it kicks it in second and trails off in third. I don't know much.
>It seems you all are pretty knowledgable when it comes to this stuff.
>Also, I would like to replace the rear speakers, which sound terrible.
>The front speakers seem to do OK. For those that have replaced them,
>what size are the rear speakers?
>Thanks a bunch,
>Douglas Bowerman
W . Jack Hilton III

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