Parts Resource now available

From: Jon Steiger (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 18:54:22 EDT

Well, I *finally* got around to putting together that parts
resource thing. Some of you may remember we talked about this
a while ago...

Basically, this is a WWW page listing parts and prices for our
Daks. I decided to restrict it to just parts and not include "this
mod did such-and-such for my truck" info, for space reasons; its
already pretty huge. Also, someone else is working on a mod
page I believe.

The purpose of this page would be to help folks to find the best
prices and service; it sort of assumes you already know what you're
looking for and you're just looking for the supplier with the
lowest price.

There is a form there to allow you to add to the list. It'll mail
your submissions to me, but I set up the form and the page
so that it's just a cut-n-paste thing for me; really easy, so
there shouldn't be much of a delay in getting your info posted
to the page. The more things you add to the page, the better
the resource will be.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to make it better, I'd
certainly be willing to hear 'em!

You can get to it off the DML home page, or here is the direct URL:


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