Re: RE: Mopar Performance Underdrive Pulleys

Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 12:50:14 EDT

I'll check my '98 catalog...I could have sworn that they had a set that was also
an underdrive set. I am going to go with the march set since I canget them in an
underdrive set and still be able to tow unless there is a way to get the pullies
from ASP cheaper that can do this also. Billet is nice but a good powdercoated set
will do.

Jeff Durling
'96 RC Sport

Ryan Krokosinski wrote:

> Are we talking about Mopar pulleys or another brand. Last I
> checked, Mopar had a set of lightweight billet pulleys, but they
> were the same size as stock, just lighter. If they have an
> underdrive set, does anyone know the part number?
> Ryan K
> '99 R/T RC

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