From: Holloway,Frank T (Frank.T.Holloway@KP.ORG)
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 16:16:22 EDT


Its not really necessary to upgrade. The problems surface when we cut the
slots out for the plates. After the shafts are cut to length (both 303 &
17-4) we send them out to be centerless ground. The grinding insures
straightness and the proper diameter. Once done then we do the machine work
on both ends and cut for the plates. With 303, quite of the shafts would
warp ( no longer straight). We have since made a tool for checking this.
17-4 PH stainless tends to be more normalized then 303 and 303 is more
corrosion resistant, both are sufficient for the job. The switch just came
about because of the reject rate and the need to re-straighten.......


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> Holloway,Frank T wrote:
> Initially we started out with 303
> > Stainless for the shafts, the 303 is free machining but it tends to move
> > around. We have since switched to 17-4 PH Stainless (more stable and a
> lot
> > less prone to bending).
> Frank, I'm pretty sure I have one of the early model stage 1 T/B's.
> I got mine in late January '99.
> Can I, or should I, retro-fit the new 17-4 PH shaft?

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