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From: Sam Parthemer (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 02:43:44 EDT

'92 and up V8's, with a few differences within the
different model years from what I've dealt with. I had
a early F&B Stage IIx?(x=experimental) TB on my '95 SLT, and
my brother is enjoying that fully to this day.

What can you gain?? Try having someone push you from behind
the next time you start to walk (nothing dramatic, but you feel it).

That's the closet I can describe the stock vs. modified TB scenerio.
On top of that, midrange to top end will have a noticeable pull over
the stock setup. Can't wait to get another one for my wife's new
truck ('99 RT 4x4-- RT's wheels, RT cam perf. package, RT OEM exhaust,
etc... It'll go to the 1/4 mi soon to get stock baselines).
I wonder if the Rancho RSX shocks I won at the Glendora Dodge truck
show will help in the 1/4 mi.. Hmmm.

Sam '99 (one of each)

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  Now that I know what a TB is ( duh ). Is this an easy install, and will
work on the '97 Dak 5.2 318? If so is this part of the deal everyone is
talking about? What is the gain from this? And last, what is the cost?


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