Re: Jet chips ATTN: Ted

From: Ryan Krokosinski (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 15:03:39 EDT

BTW - Have you been advised about the Jet chip and your new
charger. You might want to nix the Jet now, as the timing may be
a little too much with all that boost. Ping, Ping, Ping. It might
sound like a pinball machine. I can also ask the guys on the
"other" list if you need any more help with your install.

Ryan K
'99 R/T RC wrote:
> ` I have a 99 5.2L auto, and the jet chip was the best perf. mod I made up
> until now. I did the TB mod, headers,Msd ignition, wires, etc. I never had a
> proble with it that I did'nt cause. Stage II requires premium gas, Good
> exhaust and a K&N in the air filter. Just putting in the chip w/o the other
> mods is a waste of time. Call Jet , thier very friendly and helpful.
> Good luck Ted O.

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