Re: Re: Trans Serviced Yesterday --Bob

Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 09:31:05 EDT

<<AAHHH, So you guys are makin fun of me again huh?>>

Some things in life you just can't resist... Hahaha

<<I did clean up my motor compartment and redo all the hosing and
harnessing with some red wire loom.>>

Who did you have do the work for you? ;-)

<<It looks nice. I'd like to get some bright yellow plug wires. Oh
well, hope you guys are having some fun Bob>>

Having a great summer but it's going by waaaaay too quick. Haven't
done much new to the Kota 'cept I got the CB rigged up. Bought a
pair of back-up lights but haven't had the time to install 'em yet.
Maybe this weekend.

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