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Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 17:42:37 EDT

I have 255/70/15's under my 97 with no problem at all. I believe these are
the largest you can safely go on the 15x7 rim. If you have the 15x8's, you
can get up to a 275/60.

97 CC Sport V8 5spd

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do any of you know if i can fit 245/70/15s under a 2wd
v6 97 dak? i want to go as fat and tall as possible
(a/t tires) without lifting it yet. these are only a
half inch higher and a half inch wider than the
235/70s i have now. anyone know what the biggest thing
i can fit without rubbing (i don't do anything that
requires full suspension compression, but i don't
wanna rub when i'm doing a tight turn)?


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