Ugh, what a ride

From: The Man From Utopia (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 22:25:10 EDT

> Hey, all. I haven't been respondant lately, and for good reason. Last
> Thursday on my lunch break, I was on my way back to the office from
> buying goodies for the R/T, and apparantly I ran a red light, got
> t-boned by (get this) a Durango, was pushed into the front-end of
> another car, and my travel was stopped by a handy telephone pole. I
> say apparantly because I was knocked out for 4-5 hours and woke up in
> an emergency ward. The very weird part is that I can't remember from
> a half-hour BEFORE the accident. The only way I knew I bought stuff
> for the truck was because there was a bag of stuff in the car. The
> last thing I remember was telling somebody I would give them a ride to
> a restaurant on the way to the goody store. Anyways, I'm okay and by
> the grace of God, I only have bumps, bruises and scrapes. I had a
> concussion and 2 CT scans performed. Doctors reply to CT report,
> "Looks good. Nothing showed up on the scan." Gee, thanks. Was my
> brain there? :O) So, I'm back to work now. I have a knot in my left
> shoulder blade, stiff upper body, and sore foot, but I'm lucky to not
> be any more injured then I was. Oh, yeah, I'm sure your're
> wondering...I was NOT in my R/T at the time. I was driving my
> sister-in-laws 89 Ford Probe at the time. Total write-off. Drivers
> side is destroyed. Fireman used Jaws of Life to cut me out, so the car
> is in bad shape. So I'm back now and have well over a thousand emails
> to get through plus that silly thing called work to do.

Hey Chad... "Have you driven a Ford Lately?" (Just couldn't resist).
Thankfully you're OK. That's what counts.. BTW did EMS do a roof-peel on the
car, or did they just pop the door???

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Rahway NJ

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