Re: Bad CB Mount

From: Elmer Hanhart (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 00:40:51 EDT

I think I know the truck you are talking about. At the Pep Boys just
south of Burnet Rd., correct? If so, I think it is one of the employees
trucks. Been a while since I've been by there, but I've seen it several
times. I agree on all counts.


Bernd D. Ratsch wrote:
> Ok...I hope it wasn't one of us at PepBoys earlier this afternoon (about
> 5:30PM) in Austin.
> There was a Black '97 Dakota with 30" BFG's and a CB/Ballmount installed
> right on the front, driver-side (upper part) fender. This
> looked...uhhhh...errrrr....rather silly.
> Please tell me it wasn't one of us.
> Bernd D. Ratsch
> Pflugerville, TX
> 1997 Dodge Dakota SLT/CC - 2WD
> ICQ: 39320084

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