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Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 01:34:02 EDT

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<< Friend of mine and a few other people have told me that the MSD box is only
 gonna show me results over 4000 rpm. My question is to those of you that
 have them is what difference did you see. The MSD web site promises the
 world but then so does the Tornado web site and that did absoluty nothing
 according to CR. Any help will be appreciated. Especially if you have hard
 numbers to back it up. >>

First off, how long are you actually at 4,000 RPMs in a Dak? I know on mine,
not very much at all, just when maybe flooring it and going through the
gears. At 75mph, my Dak is at about 2200 RPM. The MSD 6-Offroad box I have,
as well as others, works better in my opinion under 3,000. MSD says that
under 3,000, the ignition gives multiple sparks rather than just one. I love
my aftermarket ignition
93 Dakota 4x4 V6

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